Southwest Public Libraries (SPL) has partnered with the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) to distribute free at-home COVID-19 test kits.

The rapid-test kits have been purchased by ODH and are offered free of charge to the public on a voluntary basis. Kits are available at both Grove City and Westland for no-contact pickup only.

The test is self-administered at home during a free session with a telehealth proctor and offers results in approximately 15 minutes. To use, you will need an email address, internet connection, and a device with a webcam. The tests are Abbot BinaxNOW nasal swab antigen tests. Abbot has partnered with eMed for the telehealth sessions.

Those interested in picking up a test kit should download the NAVICA app from Google Play or the iOS App Store. The app enables users to find pickup sites, receive a pickup pass, manage their health profiles, and store test results for a limited time.

The library is offering kits for no-contact pickup only. To request a kit for pickup, patrons should:

  1. Download the NAVICA app from Google Play or iOS App Store and create an account.
  2. Call the library and request a test kit for pickup. The only personal info we will ask for is your last name so that we can bag and label your kit for pickup. You do not need to have a library card.
  3. Come pick up your requested kit from no-contact tables set up near the entrance. Please do not pick up if you are feeling unwell. A friend or family member may pick up instead.
  4. Take the test kit home to complete. Users will need to go to to start their telehealth session. The telehealth proctor will guide the user through collecting the sample and reading and understanding results.

Please be aware:

  • No testing is done on site, and library staff are not permitted to assist in any part of the test nor provide any medical or testing advice.
  • Users should contact their local health department for any questions not related to pickup. (Franklin County Department of Health 614-525-3160)
  • The library does not collect nor keep any personal information in regards to these tests. The telehealth partner handles all reporting to public health officials as required.

In collaborating with libraries and other organizations across the state, ODH is working to make test kits readily available to everyone in all of Ohio's counties. By partnering with ODH and making test kits easily accessible, SPL hopes to help keep our community healthy and simplify the testing process for those who need it for work, school, travel, or other purposes.

Contact info for local county health departments

Setting up NAVICA app Android (Google Play)

Setting up NAVICA app iOS (App Store)

How eMed teleheath session works (short video)

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