Did you recently receive a mailing or hear about about a library levy (Issue 16)  thinking it was regarding us, Southwest Public Libraries? Let us clear up any confusion!

  • Southwest Public Libraries (SPL) does not have a levy on the November ballot. 

  • The library levy on the ballot (Issue 16) is for the Columbus Metropolitan Library (CML) system. 

  • You will never pay for two library levies. 

  • Despite any mailing you may have received, if you live in the South-western City School District (SWCSD), you pay for SPL's library levy and only SPL's library levy. You will not see a new library levy on your November ballot nor pay CML's library levy.

    You can verify if you are in the SWCSD through the Franklin County Auditor’s site. If it lists “SOUTH-WESTERN CSD” as your school district, you pay SPL and not CML’s library levy.

Due to an unfortunate mixup from the the committee in charge of CML's levy, some households in our service district (SWCSD) mistakenly received a "Vote Library Issue 16" mailing. Again, this levy is for the Columbus Metropolitan Library system, and if you live in the SWCSD, this levy does not apply to you. Southwest Public Libraries one and only levy (10-year, 1-mill) was renewed in 2020 by our incredibly supportive community.

We apologize for any confusion. If you have concerns about anything on your tax bill, please call the Franklin County Auditor's office.

Psst! Remember, no matter which library levy you pay, you are welcome to use library services at any SPL or CML location or any other member library in the Central Library Consortium


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